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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheap, Easy & Tasty

We did a lot of running in 2011 now we need to eat! We earned it right?! Hell ya. So I've been interested in this slow cooking fad and have wanted to try something. If you're new to this or a seasoned veteran you'll love this recipe I found at Midwest Living. I prepared this the other morning as I made my 8 minute egg; that's how fast and easy it is. It is the most amazing and flavorful dinner I have ever tasted and have ever made. It's also very economical! I'm still trying to figure out why it's called Angel Chicken?!
Makes 4+
Prep Time: 15 mins (it only took me 8 mins)
Cook: 4 - 5 hours
4 skinless boneless chekcen breast halves about 1 1/2 lbs (I used 3 and I think you could use up to 5 to 6 if you wanted)
1 Tbsp vegetable oil (optional)
1 8 oz mushroom pkg fresh button mushrooms, quartered (I just bought the halved ones and called it GOOD)
1 8 oz pkg fresh shitake mushrooms, stems removed, caps sliced (I thought these were really expensive so I just used a 4 oz can of mushrooms and called it GOOD)
1/4 Cup Butter
1 0.7 oz pkg Italian dry salad dressing mix
1 10 3/4 oz can condensed golden mushroom soup (I just used a can of Campbells Mushroom Soup and yes called it GOOD)
1/2 Cup dry white wine (I used $3 Chuck Pinot Grigio and yes this was good and of course I added a bit more but not too much because you will need the rest of the bottle to drink when the chicken is done. Share if you must)
1/2 8 oz onion and chives cream cheese (oops I just noticed that it said 1/2, just throw the whole thing in there, believe me it was awesome)
Hot cooked rice or angel hair pasta (We have this really large bag of Couscous from Costco and used this and it was awesome but really any starch will do)
Snipped fresh chives or green onion (forgot this but it would've been a nice addition)
"If you like", brown chicken on both sides in a large skillet in hot oil over medium heat. Combine mushrooms in a 3 1/2 to 4 -quart slow cooker; top with chicken. Melt butter in a medium saucepan (I just used the skillet I browned the chicken in to get some of the chicken and butter flavor). Stir in Italian dressing mix. Stir in mushroom soup, white wine, and cream cheese until melted; pour over chicken.
2. Cover; cook on low heat setting for 4 to 5 hours
3. Serve chicken and sauce over cooked rice. Sprinkle with chives, "if you like" (what's this mean? if you like? Someone really nice or from Minnesota must have submitted this recipe! Oh and don't forgot the rest of the wine!
And that's it! Easy peasy! Cheap, Easy and Tasty and I'm not talking about me! Try this and let me know what you think!